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Fantamites Est. 2004 enjoys a fun, fast and supportive work environment where we encourage success and goal achievement, while creating and developing great products for dynamic people.


  • Entry Role
  • Requirements
  • Work Environment

Est. 2004 Fantamites is always requiring:

Marketing & Sales Consultants

Manufacturing & Distribution Team Leaders

Social Media and Internet Marketing Team Leaders

IP lawyers and Patent Attorneys required to assist our team members

International Licensees and Franchisees (Individual Business Owners)

New Product Launch and or Product Re-Launch Campaign Managers

In all instances applicants for positions at Fantamites will assist clients in ensuring:

  • Delivering exceptional service ensuring customers are provided with a great product development experience.
  • Maximising efficiencies in the areas of marketing and sales
  • Providing market information and ideas-to-products advice to customers including advising on current trends.
  • Working a part of a team and creating a positive, high-energy environment that personifies the Fantamites image and culture.
Customer Service and Satisfaction
Maximising Sales
Knowledge of Market Trends
Working As Part Of A Team
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• Previous experience within a retail or customer service environment.

• Passion for delivering exceptional customer service and experiences.

• Strong communication skills.

• Knowledge of innovative trends and technologies.

• Shows professionalism and is results driven.

• Ability to work in a fast paced team environment.

• Ability to work Monday to Sunday including late night trade at expos when required.

Results Driven
Ability To Work In A Fast Paced Environment
Knowledge Of Innovative Trends And Technologies
Ability To Work Late
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ACASHIC™ is a team of dynamic marketeers and sales-orientated task-forcers who also enjoys a fun, fast and supportive work environment where we encourage success and goal achievement, not to mention working with great people and products.

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• Ensuring sales and income generation for clients, team members and suppliers associated with launches and distribution rollout of products, services or innovation on the market.

• Continuing to provide services that enable distribution, promotion, marketing, and advertising on an ongoing basis, giving products, services and innovations greater market share and increased profits for the inventor’s supply chain of customers and distributors.